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Why Leave Now? (01:50)


In this documentary, Alexandra Pelosi will ask leaving members of Congress how to succeed in Washington DC. Paul Ryan, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Tom Rooney, Sandy Levin, Joe Barton, Frank Lobiondo, Joe Crowley, Niki Tsongas, Lynn Jenkins, and John Delaney share their reasons for not pursuing an additional term. Answers include defamatory videos, frustration, and running for president.

Don't Get Rolled (02:27)

Representatives discuss if they are in the cool kids or nerds cliques in Congress. Getting rolled occurs when a congressman votes against something they believe is best for their district due to pressure. Freshman members are told not to rock the status quo.

Who Broke Washington? (02:32)

Congressmen discuss the political divide between Republicans and Democrats. The State of the Union Address is a theater that demonstrates the separation between the parties. Getting personal stops bipartisan progress.

Forbidden Friendships (02:38)

Congressmen are advised against socializing with a member of the opposite political party. Representatives no longer live in Washington DC because of the workweek change and have lost the camaraderie. Men and women discuss living in their offices.

Constituents vs. the Capitol (02:18)

Representatives discuss the difference between a district and a beltway agenda. Joe Crowley admits that focusing on national politics instead of his constituency caused Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to win his seat. Congressmen discuss their committee assignments and their importance.

Dialing for Dollars (02:41)

The election cycle makes it difficult for incumbents to focus on legislation their second year in Congress. Representatives need to raise money for their campaign committee as well as their own race. Special interest groups send out info information blacklisting individuals based upon their voting record.

Progress Takes Time (02:15)

Lobiondo's project takes twenty years to complete. Representatives discuss the glass ceiling because senior leadership never leaves. Washington needs new individuals who understand emerging technologies to help create oversight.

The Cable News Problem (02:35)

Cottage industries profit from polarization. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 created an open free internet.

Women in Congress and Parting Shots (04:27)

Women discuss double standards, discrimination, and gender role differences. Controversy will occur. Members of Congress are a direct reflection of the American People.

Credits: Goodbye, Congress: A Vice News Tonight Special (00:49)

Credits: Goodbye, Congress: A Vice News Tonight Special

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Alexandra Pelosi, the daughter of incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, sits down with 15 retiring or resigning members of Congress to find out what it’s like to serve and why they’re leaving.

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