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Gaming Industry (01:13)


The video gaming industry is a huge part of the entertainment economy. The growth of the industry has been slow and steady over the past 30 years.

Video Gaming is Mass Media (01:01)

Some teens prefer games to watching television because they like the active use of their minds. Video gaming is an accepted element of mass media.

Specialist Media Industry (00:60)

The gaming industry has a wide variety of jobs that are essential to its success. Though its not easy to enter a specialist media industry, people with special skills find employment.

Specialized Skills Required (01:21)

To get into the gaming industry, one needs specialized skills and a familiarity with gaming companies. A student should find out what skills are required and line up classes and training accordingly.

Passion and Spirit (00:44)

People wanting to get into the gaming industry need passion and spirit. They should know their own skills and how they want to utilize them.

Types of Video Games (01:24)

Game genres include action, adventure, strategy, role-playing, sports, racing, and puzzles. Gamers are as young as 2 and 3 up to 80 or older.

Video Games: Current Trends (01:08)

People of all ages talk about their favorite types of video games. The current trend in games is to combine genres in unexpected ways.

Video Games and Demographics (01:27)

Adults who grew up on more simplified video games continue to play the more sophisticated and animated games. The game industry takes into account a wide range of demographics.

Game Inspiration (01:08)

Game developers are inspired by many things such movies and other games. New games arise from a desire to explore genres more deeply.

Video Game Design (01:25)

Design teams and operations teams collaborate on the actual artistic development of a game. Environmental details are important for game players because they help set the mood.

Game Assessment (01:21)

Video game development budgets can range from several tens of thousands up into the millions of dollars. Game testing looks at quantitative and qualitative elements.

Game Testers (01:03)

Most game testers work on specific parts of games and do not play games all day just for fun. Game testing can be a stepping-stone into the industry.

Who Makes Video Games? (00:58)

Teams of dedicated, passionate individuals make games. Teams consist of artists, programmers, designers, audio people, and production designers. Teamwork is a necessary ingredient.

Marketing Video Games (00:25)

Big publishers may spend as much on game development as in marketing the game, often into the millions of dollars.

Educational Video Games (01:25)

Some adults and young people accept educational video games as guilt-free gaming. Industry experts see an increased trend in educational games.

Educational Games: Room for Expansion (01:56)

Educational games can include those that could teach hand-eye coordination, driving skills, heavy equipment operation, and more. Educational games can provide the element of enjoyment and discovery.

Educational Games: A New Demographic (01:12)

In the future, children may do most of their learning through video games.

Benefits of Playing Video Games (01:17)

The DS format is a PDA-style game. Educational games are a way to reach people who were not interested in games before.

Future of Games (01:34)

Artificial intelligence is a property of modern gaming.

Online Games (01:17)

The popularity of online games will continue. In the future, big, high-budget games will be platforms for users to add content.

Inspiration for Game Developers (01:09)

Game developers study what is written about games, and they play the new games on the market. Input of all kinds triggers creativity and new ideas.

Games of the Future (01:06)

Adult gamers talk about the games they would like to see in the near future.

Careers in Video Game Making (01:12)

The game-making industry is a successful and rapidly growing trade offering good potential employment to students. It is a profitable industry with clearly defined career paths.

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