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"A Quiet Passion" (02:25)


Artists and critics gather together to talk about the work and life of early American poet Emily Dickinson.

Emily Dickinson's Critics (06:04)

Poetry during the time of Dickinson, was conventional, and women were expected to write about flowers, love of children, or deathbed sorrow. Literary critic Thomas Wentworth Higginson sparked a conversation with Dickinson when he told the poet her poems were unfit for publishing; the poet responded with the poem the experts are now analyzing.

Understanding Dickinson's Imagination (03:46)

Dickinson had never seen a ballet because it was not a popular style of dance in America during that time. The panel of artists discusses how the writer had to entirely rely on her imagination when talking about this type of dance.

Becoming the Woman in White (03:23)

Later in her life, Dickinson began shunning public appearances and refused visitors, but began writing some of her greatest poems. The panel talks about how Dickinson used form and the geography of the page to express even more through her writing.

Dickinson's Internal Life (04:58)

The panel discusses how the entire poem Dickinson wrote in response to Higginson's rejection of her poems was created by her imagination, not through any real-life experience. Dancer Jill Johnson describes how Dickinson has captured the internal life of a performer through her writing.

Emily Dickinson and Art (03:36)

Poetry is a solitary and quiet art, but for Dickinson, according to the end of her poem, it makes her feel like a primadonna when she completes a new piece. Each artist on the panel describes what the last line of this poem means to them and how they experience art.

Credits: I Cannot Dance Upon My Toes (00:42)

Credits: I cannot dance opon my toes

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I Cannot Dance Upon My Toes

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"I cannot dance upon my toes" by Emily Dickinson, featuring Cynthia Nixon, Marie Howe, Yo Yo Ma, Jill Johnson.

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