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Automated Driving (05:12)


Automated driving is already in use in the logistics and transportation industries. Volvo Trucks is the leading innovator in automated semi-trucks by using platooning. Volvo has created automated trucks for use in mining, farming, and waste collection.

Hybrid Transportation (04:37)

Volvo has developed semi-trucks that use diesel fuel and electric energy. The truck's electric mode cuts down on emissions and noise. Many European cities are beginning to fund more electric public transportation.

Truck Connectivity (04:42)

All of Volvo's trucks are digitally connected to its office in Belgium. The drivers are quickly able to call for assistance and schedule maintenance. Volvo is able to collect data about the routes, conditions, and driver safety.

Truck Design (04:36)

The digitization and connectivity of trucks has changed truck designs. The designers are focusing more on the interaction between the truck and the driver than the truck's visual appearance.

Digital Crash Testing (03:58)

Volvo has implemented digital crash testing for its semi-trucks. The method cuts down on cost, speeds up production, and gives engineers closer insight.

Credits: The Trucks of the Future (00:01)

Credits: The Trucks of the Future

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Volvo Trucks is leading the way for the use of automated trucks in logistics. Multiple trucks can drive together through a method called platooning. Garbage trucks can navigate through cramped urban streets without a driver. Hybrid trucks can go into electric mode and release zero emissions.

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