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Digitization of Cars (05:07)


Digital expert Karl-Heinz Land explains how digitization is affecting every aspect of human life, including transportation. The newest cars in the Mercedes Benz S-Class can recognize objects around them using cameras and radar. The cars have the latest automated driving and assistance systems.

Autonomous Vehicles (06:19)

Bernhard Weidemann, an expert in autonomous vehicles and intelligent driving, test drives a Mercedes Benz S-Class car. Growing accustom to intelligent driving is a learning process for car manufacturers and consumers. The cars use Lidar to detect objects around it.

Self-Driving Cars (04:25)

Mercedes created the F O15 as an example for what mobility units could be like in the future. There are legal issues regarding liability for accidents with self-driving cars, which are being tested in Germany and the United States. Self-driving cars raise issues about data protection and cyber security.

Networked Cars (05:08)

Mercedes' Car-to-X communication is the next step for its S-Class cars. The system would allow the car to send and receive information from nearby cars. The system could increase driver safety and improve traffic and route controls in cities.

Preventing Accidents (03:49)

The S-Class cars have an emergency stopping system. Mercedes is working to improve its crash tests to ensure the greatest safety for drivers.

Credits: Automatized Driving: Today and Tomorrow (00:02)

Credits: Automatized Driving: Today and Tomorrow

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Once a wonder of mechanical engineering automobiles are becoming a wonder of software engineering. Mercedes Benz S-Class vehicles can brake themselves and detect objects using Lidar. Self-driving cars are being tested in the United States and Germany. But, legal issues and cyber security concerns could slow the integration of self-driving cars to city streets.

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