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Kofi Adu-Brempong (03:46)


University of Florida Police shot Adu-Brempong in his on-campus apartment after a report about him screaming. Adu-Brempong had cancelled classes for about a week before the shooting, citing the flu. It was revealed that Adu-Brempong had multiple psychological issues.

UPD Mismanagement (05:27)

Adu-Brempong's department notified campus police the day before the shooting that he was having an emotional crisis. UPD claimed they attempted to use non-lethal force but were forced to shoot. Adu-Brempong lived in Corry Village, an on-campus housing complex for international students.

Response to Shooting (04:39)

The local NAACP chapter met with other intentional students living at Corry Village to ensure their story about the events was heard. Students organized a Justice for Kofi march to make sure campus police were held accountable. Student and community groups asked for a review into the shooting.

Review of Police Conduct (08:32)

Officer Keith Smith was part of a scandal of white officers targeting black residents while he worked for the Gainesville Police Department. Campus police were aware of Adu-Brempong's emotional issues and had been in contact with him and his department before the shooting. A neighbor filmed campus police as they entered Adu-Brempong's apartment.

Militarization of Campus Police (07:45)

Police shot Adu-Brempong less than two minutes after entering his apartment. The number of campus police departments with SWAT teams has increased in recent years. The university paid a settlement to Adu-Brempong, but the UF community does not believe UPD learned from the incident.

Credits: In His Own Home (00:60)

Credits: In His Own Home

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