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Four Brides (07:22)


Emma has battled cancer and had low expectations for her wedding. Former U.S. Air Force servicewoman Esmeralda was resistant to the idea of marriage. Ilenuca from Romania is anxious about the ceremony and Priyamvada from India is sad to leave home.

Life Partners (05:20)

Emma, Esmeralda, Ilenuca and Priyamvada describe courtships with their wives and husbands-to-be. See their respective communities participate in their wedding ceremonies.

Wedding Celebrations (07:25)

Emma, Esmeralda, Ilenuca and Priyamvada celebrate with their families and communities after their respective marriage ceremonies. Emma shares her battle with cancer. Esmeralda was discharged from the military for homosexuality. Priyamvada is sad to leave her family.

Credits: Four Weddings (00:34)

Credits: Four Weddings

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Four Weddings

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Not all weddings are about marrying a Prince. This documentary tells the story of four special weddings around the world from the point of view of the bride. Featuring a British woman unsure of the future, a soldier discharged from Iraq, a high society Indian wedding and a rural Romanian celebration, this is what really happens behind the scenes on the wedding day.

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