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Beauty Light (09:55)


Photographer Stephen Eastwood demonstrates adding rim lights to a typical beauty light set up. The main light source is closer to the model for beauty than other shots. He shows how to set custom white and color balance.

Side and Back Lights (06:35)

Eastwood changes the position of the model and lighting set up to get different effects. He gives tips on how to avoid back lights shining through hair.

One Main Light (05:47)

Eastwood uses an Octabox as a one main light source, which acts like a beauty dish. He turns down his zoom and rim lights and brings the light close to the model. Photographers must be aware of how hair and makeup will affect lighting.

One Light (06:39)

Eastwood creates the illusion that he is shooting from above the model by moving the Octabox down. He demonstrates shooting with only one light. Adding a grid to the Octabox helps control lighting.

Lighting Umbrellas (08:31)

Umbrellas can be shot through or used as a bounce. Its level of reflectiveness depends on the color. Eastwood demonstrates using an umbrella and two back lights with a white background.

Speedlites vs. Modeling Lights (03:55)

It is harder to create a mood or feeling with speedlites than modeling lights. Most models are used to working with modeling lights and will have to adjust to speedlites.

Hard Light (05:08)

Eastwood uses a hard light to create a directional shadow. He places the model on a raised platform and the light on a c-stand to create the illusion of shooting from below.

Light Placement and Intensity (06:38)

Light placement and intensity are important variables to consider during a beauty shoot. Eastwood explains how to increase or decrease intensity.

Backgrounds (09:54)

Beauty shots are relatively tight so only a small background is needed. Eastwood places a silk scarf over a black backdrop to create a patterned background. He demonstrates changing with lights manually and with ETTL.

Credits: Model Portraits In-Studio (00:09)

Credits: Model Portraits In-Studio

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In this episode, Stephen Eastwood demonstrates the use of speedlites during a beauty shoot with various models and poses.

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