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Rhythm and Blues (04:51)


Charles Brown inspires the careers of Ray Charles, Fats Domino, and Little Richard. Brown performs "Please Come Home for Christmas." Recording companies can mistreat artists. (Credits)

Career Beginnings (03:07)

Rhythm and blues becomes rock and roll in 1956. Twenty blues trios audition at "Talk of the Town." Brown plays "My Silent Love"; "Drifting and Drifting" wins the Cashbox Award of 1946.

"Drifting and Drifting" (05:22)

Johnny Moore and Brown win at the racetrack the day before getting a recording contract. Sammy Goldberg and Eddie Messner from Philo records visit the Cobra Club; it was originally called "Walking and Drifting."

No Royalties (03:17)

Brown describes how a record company did not want to speak to an artist after a hit song. White artists such as Pat Boone and Frankie Lane would shadow black performers and record their music. Brown performs "Melancholy Madeline."

Segregated Concerts (03:35)

Brown describes performing at Civic Auditorium in Atlanta Georgia. Occasionally, whites are allowed to sit in the balcony. Other musicians include Buddy Rich, Moore, the Will Mastin trio, and Sammy Davis.

Public Appearances (05:57)

When Brown leaves to visit his ailing grandfather, record companies black list him for four years. Brown partners with Mike McDonald to play shows in Los Angeles and New York City. Bonnie Raitt's record company releases "All My Life."

Credits: Where Was Rock N Roll 35 Years Ago (00:39)

Credits: Where Was Rock N Roll 35 Years Ago

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Charles Brown, legendary musician, vocal stylist, songwriter and father of rhythm and blues, inspired the careers of many other rhythm and blues greats such as Fats Domino, Ray Charles, Ruth Brown, and Little Richard. In this program from Tony Brown's Journal, Charles Brown discusses his career in his own words and sounds in front of a live studio audience in New York.

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