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Introduction: War With Jim Crow (04:35)


This segment orients viewers to the topics of the NAACP, lynch murders, and race riots. Meet representations of significant people in the fight for equality.

Struggle for Black Equality (04:24)

From 1920-1930, 1.3 million African-Americans escaped the South, the Ku Klux Klan experienced a resurgence, and James Weldon Jonson was confirmed as the NAACP's first black executive secretary. In 1921, the Negro Renaissance began in the North, but racial violence swept the South.

NAACP Challenges (02:18)

The Dyer Anti-Lynching Bill passed the House of Representatives but failed in the Senate. The NAACP successfully defended black farmers in Arkansas; Walter White was nearly killed.

KKK and the Negro Renaissance (02:40)

In 1925, clan activity was at a peak, the NAACP successfully defended Ossian Sweet, and Johnson received the Spingarn Medal. Literary militancy emerged and Dr. Carter G. Woodson organized the first Negro History Week celebration.

Fight Against Lynching (06:22)

On August 6, 1930, James Cameron became the only survivor of a lynching. White became the second black NAACP executive secretary and investigated 41 lynchings and 8 race riots. Mary Turner was lynched in Valdosta, GA.

Fight for Social Justice (03:13)

The 1930s marked the third black migratory wave to the North, the Scottsboro Boys trial garnered international attention, and the NAACP attacked the Roosevelt Administration's discriminatory economic practices. W.E.B. Du Bois advocated a self-help policy and economic autonomy for the black community. Lynching numbers rose and the NAACP pushed for a federal law against the practice.

Credits: The Longest Struggle: The History of the NAACP - War With Jim Crow, Part 3 (02:17)

Credits: The Longest Struggle: The History of the NAACP - War With Jim Crow, Part 3

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The Longest Struggle: The History of the NAACP - War With Jim Crow, Part 3

Part of the Series : The Longest Struggle: The History of the NAACP
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In practice, Jim Crow laws mandated racial segregation in all public facilities. As a body of law, Jim Crow institutionalized economic, educational, and social disadvantages for African Americans. This program from Tony Brown's Journal looks at the struggles of this period.

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