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Fighting Negative Images (03:16)


Although blacks represent 30-50% of the viewing audience, African American actors depict less than 3% of speaking roles. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the National Urban League call on the entertainment industry to change practices. This video will explore why Hollywood refuses to change and potential solutions.

Starring in Films (07:59)

Sammy Davis, Jr. discusses his children not knowing that African Americans fought during World War II. Ben Vereen feels the black community does not support its actors. Howard Rollins states that humans are complicated.

History of African Americans in Cinema (04:50)

The NAACP stages a protest after "Birth of a Nation" premieres. Race movies exist between 1916-1948. Watch an excerpt of "Murder with Music."

Film Production (02:35)

Black banks will not finance films. African American actors are not supported by the community.

"Miracle in Harlem" (05:42)

The movie tells the story of a store owner swindled out of his business. The independent film industry thrives because African Americans want to see themselves portrayed on film.

Starting a Revolution (02:12)

The artistic community needs to unite and rebel against the establishment. Davis promises to work for scale and take a percentage at the end; he does not think unification is possible.

Credits: Stars on Hollywood (00:37)

Credits: Stars on Hollywood

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In this program from Tony Brown's Journal, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Ben Vereen discuss their experiences of being Black in a hostile industry.

Length: 28 minutes

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