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Superior Civilization (03:40)


Africans invented writing and developed sciences, engineering, mathematics, religion; they built the great pyramids. Black individuals had different levels of respect for people of their own race and different ethnicities. The Nile River contained the most arable soil in the empire.

Ancient African Civilization (02:52)

European and other scholars admitted that Africans created the first civilizations. They generated advancements in physics, medicine, engineering, architecture, and chemistry. Dr. Chancellor Williams studied anthropology, archeology, psychology, and sociology. Greeks borrowed column structures from African peoples.

Destruction of Africa (10:28)

Williams refused to believe that African peoples made no substantial contribution to the advance of humankind. "The Destruction of Black Civilization" questioned the legitimacy of traditional scholarly concepts of black history. The President of the NAACP described integration as amalgamation; the African American value system was based on white proclivities.

African Cultures (04:10)

Empires included Monomotapa, Mali, Ghana, and the Songhai state. Ancient Ethiopia was referred to as Kush, Nubia, and Abyssinia; most civilizations began long before Jesus Christ. Some slaves forgot their African routes when they became American.

Proud American (05:55)

Other ethnic populations could consider themselves American without detracting from the pride of their forefathers. African Americans did not have a connection to Africa and were told they hailed from a land of savages. Africans sought a fellowship with other civilizations.

Credits: How Black Civilization Was Destroyed (00:45)

Credits: How Black Civilization Was Destroyed

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How Black Civilization Was Destroyed

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In this program from Tony Brown's Journal, Dr. Chancellor Williams, widely-acclaimed historian and scholar who labored for 35 years researching and writing his seminal work, The Destruction of Black Civilization, explains his soundly researched theory as to why Africans, the first builders of civilization in the cradle of world civilization and the discoverers of mathematics, writing, sciences, engineering, medicine, religion, and fine arts, were so easily toppled.

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