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"Black Spark White Fire" (04:09)


Tony Brown considers several questions about black history. Richard Poe explains the meaning of his book title. He counters the claim that Egyptians were white and discusses the "two brothers."

Who is Black? (04:34)

Brown and Poe discuss the American definition of black. All Americans interested in accurate history should know about Joseph H. Greenberg. Poe explains the dynamics of separating Egypt from the rest of Africa.

Cultural Connections? (04:11)

Poe counters the claim that black Americans cannot have a link with Egypt; whites identify with Europeans. Brown and Poe discuss language origins and identifying with a country.

Joseph H. Greenberg (05:28)

Poe and Brown discuss Greenberg's linguistic research and its impact on the claim that blacks cannot have a link with Egypt. Ethiopia has a wide variety of phenotypes.

Racial Titles (03:38)

Language does not necessarily correlate with race, but Afroasatics were likely a distinct racial group. Poe discusses the relationship between European development and Africa/Egypt.

Color Sentiment (02:46)

Brown cites the cultural practice of holding the darkest Dravidians in the highest esteem. He and Poe discuss the manipulation of cultural superiority and inferiority.

Credits: Did Blacks Spark White Civilization? (00:18)

Credits: Did Blacks Spark White Civilization?

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Did Blacks Spark White Civilization?

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Were the Egyptians Black or White? Are Black Americans linked to the Nile Valley civilization and why is that important? Are Black scholars distorting history to make Black people feel good? In this program from Tony Brown's Journal, Richard Poe, former senior editor of Success Magazine and author of Black Spirit, White Fire, shares his answers to these questions.

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