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Africans in Early Asian Civilization (10:42)


Runoko Rashidi cites three waves of African movement into Asia. He discusses Arabia, the Sabeans, Phoenicians, the Zanj, the Indus Valley Civilization, and more.

Aryan Arrival in Buddhism (03:25)

Around 1500 B.C., a group of nomadic Indo-European speaking tribes enters India and conquers the northern portion, establishing a caste system. Rashidi discusses early images of Buddha and the concentration of black people in India.

Early Southeast Asia (04:01)

Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines have a distinct Africoid presence. Rashidi discusses adornments on Angkor temples, the worship of god as a black female, Montagnards, and the Octa.

Early China and Japan (03:41)

Rashidi discusses visiting China with the knowledge of early black presence and finding no evidence. He explains Japan's historically African presence and cites others who have investigated Africans in early Asian civilizations.

Rising African Consciousness (02:56)

Rashidi describes his reception in India when investigating Africans in early Asian civilizations; he associates with black Dalits. Rashidi discusses the most significant aspect of traveling in Asia.

Credits: Asia and Blacks (00:25)

Credits: Asia and Blacks

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Historian and author Runoko Rashidi is a Pan-Africanist scholar who has researched the African presence globally and the African foundations of world civilizations. In this program from Tony Brown's Journal, Rashidi exposes little-known facts about the African origins and presence in Asia.

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