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Afrocentric World View (05:00)


Dr. Molefi Asante faces criticism from conservatives and Eurocentric scholars. He and Tony Brown define conservatives and discuss attacking Afrocentricity. Asante recalls debating with Arthur Schlesinger.

American Identity (07:21)

The United States has 200 ethnic group, but the Anglo-Saxon subculture represents the American identity. Asante and Brown discuss de-unification with the expression of multicultural agency. Asante is fighting white supremacy ideology; whiteness is a property.

Apologizing for Slavery (03:05)

Brown and Asante discuss President Clinton's statements made in Africa and the Ugandan president's response. Asante does not believe President Museveni understands the historical reality of West Africa and the slave trade. There is no history in West Africa where slavery was a principle mode of production.

Enslaving a Population (03:55)

Asante considers whether African on African slavery is a cultural phenomenon, and the concept of Africans as inferior. Only the experience between Europeans and Africans resulted in Africans being considered as possessions.

European Particularism (06:11)

Asante discusses the genesis of the conflict between Afrocentric and Eurocentric. He counters critics that see his argument as one that teaches Balkanization and the claim that black people have a monopoly on slums.

Credits: African Versus European Culture (00:25)

Credits: African Versus European Culture

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African Versus European Culture

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Some Afrocentric historians have challenged the Eurocentric world-view of African history and culture. This program from Tony Brown's Journal features Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, author of The Afrocentric Idea, who boldly confronts critics of Afrocentric theory.

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