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Introduction: Africa's Downfall (01:25)


Africa is comprised of 50 independent countries and has a population of over 537 million people. It is the birthplace of humankind. What caused the decline of the world's oldest civilization?

"The Destruction of Black Civilization" (03:31)

Dr. Chancellor Williams discusses why he chose the aspect of destruction in African culture and researching Africa as the cradle of civilization. Tony Brown cites Williams' credentials and his struggle to publish his book.

Ancient African Civilization (02:21)

Africa is the beginning of civilization. Williams considers whether Africans could have achieved advances in mathematics and sciences before Western civilization.

Ancient Laws and Rules (02:29)

Williams explains the governance of ancient Africa; the population functioned as one people in general culture and religion.

Birthplace of Democracy (02:58)

Williams believes democracy was not born in any one place; it is a natural system among ancient people in all stages of development.

African Cultures (03:22)

Williams refers to the ancient civilizations as great kingdoms and empires—Mali, Ghana, and Songhai. He cites the importance of African Americans understanding they come from great nations.

System of Nations (06:00)

Williams explains that African empires were built through industry; each working group organized into a lodge. The civilizations fell when industry internally declined and external forces gained a foothold in interior Africa.

Ancient Ethiopia (03:45)

Williams states that Ancient Egypt was a northern province of the Ethiopian empire. He explains why Africans ended up at the bottom of the social ladder and the role of oral historians in the reconstruction of African history.

Credits: Africa's Downfall (00:14)

Credits: Africa's Downfall

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Africa's Downfall

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In this program from Tony Brown's Journal, Dr. Chancellor Williams, widely-acclaimed historian and scholar who labored for 35 years researching and writing his seminal work, The Destruction of Black Civilization, explains his soundly-researched theory as to why Africans, the first builders of civilization in the cradle of world civilization and the discoverers of mathematics, writing, sciences, engineering, medicine, religion, fine arts and the builders of the great pyramids, were so easily toppled.

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