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Introduction: Becoming Me: The Gender Within (01:45)


Gender distinctions are generally made without much thought but what actually determines a person's gender? Is it chromosomes, hormones, genitals, or sense of self? In the U.S. there is strong opposition to gender correction surgery.

Introduction to the Subjects (01:57)

Five transgendered individuals between the ages of 20 and 50 have agreed to speak openly about what it has meant to them to be transgendered. Some have consented to filming of their gender reassignment surgeries.

Gender Reassignment Surgery (01:12)

Trinidad, Colorado became famous when Dr. Stanley Bieber began performing transsexual surgeries. Marci Bowers M.D. has since taken over the program.

Gender Confusion in Childhood (01:20)

Two transgendered individuals recall having becoming aware that something was askew from an early age. Neither related to the traditional roles associated with their given gender.

Struggle with Self Identity (01:35)

Coming to terms with being different can be very difficult for transgendered people. One man who was born female admits that he attempted suicide before he finally came out to his family.

I Should Have Been Born Male (01:58)

A transgendered person recalls having what he called "boy attacks". They were inexplicable moments of feeling like a boy that began after his female body went through puberty.

Transition from Male to Female (01:17)

One transgendered person has been sharing his story for the last twenty years. Video footage shows her before and after gender reassignment surgery.

Crucial Transition Time (01:59)

A transgendered individual discusses his difficult middle school and shares his story of coming out, first as a lesbian and then as a man. He describes having a strong sense of himself as a man as early as high school.

Hiding Gender Identity (00:36)

A transgendered individual describes his college years where joined a fraternity to look "normal", but cross dressed when he was alone. This struggle with gender confusion led to heavy drinking and marijuana use.

Transgender Discrimination (01:48)

One transgendered person describes discrimination he experienced at work. This type of prejudice may be attributed to fear, misunderstanding, and religious culture in America.

A Normal Family (02:51)

One transgendered person describes discrimination he experienced at work. This type of prejudice may be attributed to fear, misunderstanding, and religious culture in America.

Being Diagnosed (03:31)

Male female relationships can be difficult to define especially for people who are transgendered. One man describes the relief he felt after finding out that he was not alone in his gender confusion.

Gender Identification and Sexuality (00:58)

A transgender man and his girlfriend share some of the details of their intimate life.

Surgery Options (00:50)

Not all transsexuals find full gender reassignment surgery necessary. Some female to males prefer only to have a mastectomy. Genital surgery is expensive and does not provide fully functioning parts.

Gender Transition (02:42)

A female to male transsexual talks about his mastectomy and his body's response to testosterone treatment. He has chosen not to have genital surgery.

The Decision to Have Reassignment Surgery (02:13)

Some transgendered people feel that genital surgery is very important in the gender transition process.

Hopes for the Future (01:17)

Two transgendered people discuss their plans for the future that involve having children.

Family Reactions (01:50)

The girlfriend of a female to male transsexual talks about her parent's reaction to her relationship choice. Another interviewee discusses the importance of being accepted.

Medical Advice (01:41)

When asked what advice he would give to individuals struggling with gender identity, one transgendered person stresses the importance of finding a good and accepting doctor.

Personal Advice (01:15)

One transgendered person explains why waiting until adulthood to begin the gender reassignment process can be beneficial both to the individual and their family.

Early Stages of Transition (01:10)

A female to male transsexual describes the difference between going out in public before and after having surgery to remove his breasts.

Advice for Families (00:43)

Family members of transgendered individuals stress the importance of accepting transsexual children even if it goes against religious beliefs.

Making Transgender Issues Public (01:09)

Hiding one's transsexual identity slows the process of bringing this common issue into the mainstream. This may prevent transgendered individuals from getting basic civil and medical rights.

Self Acceptance (01:23)

As one man points out, it wasn't very long ago that gay people were treated much the same that transsexual people are treated now. He realizes that he will always be transgendered.

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What ultimately determines a person’s gender? Is it chromosomes, hormones, genitals, or an innate sense of self? In this Telly Award–winning program, five transgendered individuals between the ages of 20 and 50 speak openly about what it has meant to them to be transgendered—their first experiences of gender confusion, life after coming out, family responses, and more. Advice for others who may be questioning their own gender is provided, and the process of sexual reassignment surgery is addressed. Contains clinically explicit language. An expanded version of Becoming Me: The Gender Within with graphic operating-room footage of male-to-female and female-to-male SRS performed by Dr. Marci Bowers is included on DVD only. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. (40 minutes)

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