Segments in this Video

Carmen Yulín Cruz's Youth (02:04)


Cruz recalls her desire to get into politics and her admiration for her grandmother. Longtime friend Elsa Marin praises Cruz’s leadership qualities and gregarious nature.

College and Entry into Politics (02:18)

Cruz attends Boston and Carnegie Mellon universities and returns home in 1992 to serve as advisor to Mayor Sila María Calderón. She recalls the legacy of Felisa Rincón de Gautier, the first woman elected mayor of San Juan, and her own election to Puerto Rico’s House of Representatives.

Popular Democratic Party (02:47)

Cruz and political peer Charlie Hernandez elaborate on the range of beliefs within Puerto Rico’s Popular Democratic Party. Cruz describes situations that made her question previously conservative views on gay marriage and other cultural issues.

Path to Mayoral Victory (05:36)

A domestic abuse scandal paves the way for Cruz to run for mayor. Few think she has a chance of beating incumbent Jorge Santini Padilla, but she exceeds fundraising goals as she runs a populist campaign. Santini refuses to debate Cruz or use her name.

"Machismo Culture" (02:36)

Once in office, Cruz is not afraid to stand up to her party. Among the obstacles she faces are sexist double standards.

Hurricane Aftermath (02:21)

Cruz drives Carlos Watson around a city that still reflects the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Hernandez describes citizens going without basic needs and Cruz’s unfiltered response.

Hurricane Relief Aid (05:40)

Cruz publicly denounces the federal government’s slow response to the tragedy and confronts President Donald Trump directly. Trump paints a different picture of relief efforts and insults Cruz by tweet. Other Puerto Rican politicians criticize Cruz’s confrontational stance.

Credits: Carmen Yulin Cruz: Part 12 (00:48)

Credits: Carmen Yulin Cruz: Part 12

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Episode 12: Carmen Yulín Cruz (Breaking Big)

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No one looks for a disaster to cement their own legacy. But when Puerto Rico was slammed by a catastrophic hurricane and the US Government was slow to respond, Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz of San Juan stood up and fought back. Watch as she goes from humble civic leader to become the heroic voice of her struggling island and the Puerto Rican people.

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