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Gretchen Carlson (02:52)


Carlson gives an acceptance speech after receiving an award in 2018. She refers to losing her career and being a survivor of sexual harassment and assault. Her parents describe her childhood, her interest in sports, and her musical talent.

College and Beauty Pageant (02:57)

Carlson attends Stanford University and spends a summer at Oxford University. Her parents encourage her to try out for the Miss America competition. She is initially hesitant, but works hard and becomes Miss Minnesota.

Miss America Competition (03:21)

Carlson explains how her training as a violinist helped her win the Miss America competition in 1989. The experience sparks an interest in working in television, but she is humiliated when treated like a"dumb blonde."

TV Gig and Harassment (01:55)

Carlson’s focus and raw talent are quickly rewarded, but she is sexually harassed on the job within a month. Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro discusses the conflict victims feel.

National Networks and Sexism (02:51)

Carlson remains focused on obtaining an anchor position on a major network. Marcy McGinnis describes the qualities that led to Carlson's hiring for “The Early Show.” In 2006, Fox News hires Carlson, but she continues to be stereotyped as a “bimbo.”

Harassment at Fox News (02:50)

Carlson experiences many forms of sexual harassment over a decade, including from CEO Roger Ailes. Carlson’s lawyers, Marty Hyman and Nancy Erika Smith, revisit the circumstances that lead to her lawsuit.

Carlson Sues Fox News (03:48)

Fox News fires Carlson for dwindling ratings, but she insists she was let go for refusing Ailes’ sexual advances. Experts put the risk to Carlson’s career in context. Other victims come forward and Carllson wins; Ailes is ousted from the network.

Carlson Inspires Others (03:15)

Carlson’s lawsuit empowers women to confront harassment. She establishes the Gretchen Carlson Leadership Initiative to help other women who have been harassed. She cites settlement agreements and arbitration clauses as tactics for silencing victims.

Credits: Gretchen Carlson (00:16)

Credits: Gretchen Carlson

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Former Fox News Anchor Gretchen Carlson shocked the world when she sued the most powerful man in cable news, Roger Ailes, for sexual harassment and settled for an unprecedented sum of money. But how did this former Miss America winner and Stanford graduate find the strength to take such a stand and become an improbable voice of justice for working women everywhere?

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