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Massacres in Catalonia (05:53)


Fascists began focusing on the Catalonian Front in 1938. General Antonio Sagardia Ramos oversaw securing important infrastructure and cleansing local villages. Civilians were shot and buried in mass graves.

Fascist Terror (04:00)

Word of the massacres spread, and villagers began fleeing or hiding from approaching Fascist troops. Villagers share their families' experiences.

Final Offensive (05:12)

The Republican army attempted to fight the Fascists’ final push into Catalonia. Civilians fought alongside Republican forces, leading to Sagardia's retaliation against civilians.

Repression by Fascists (02:11)

Many villagers reported their neighbors to the Fascists. They were deemed enemies of the party, shot, and buried in mass graves. Fascists used fear to keep villagers silent.

Uncovering Mass Graves (07:31)

Fearing the Fascist regime, villagers kept silent for years about the location of mass graves. In recent years, people have begun to talk, and efforts are underway to provide proper burials.

Locating Mass Graves (03:27)

An international team of archaeologists struggles to locate a mass grave near a village in Catalonia. They rely on the memories of villagers to find the unmarked location. The find human bones on the second day of digging.

Reburying the Dead (09:45)

A Catalonia villager fled to Switzerland during the war and learned about the killings when she returned home. Some villagers were opposed to uncovering the mass graves. Archaeologists continue to uncover bodies at the grave site.

Identifying the Dead (05:14)

The archaeology team works with the Truth Association to bring the information to the United Nations. They hope the Spanish government will help expand the search for other mass graves and acknowledge the atrocities committed during the war.

Treatment of Victims' Families (05:05)

The Fascist regime honored those killed by Republicans and gave benefits to their families. They hid victims killed by their own soldiers and denied answers to their families. Many families searched for answers on their own.

System of Killing (05:12)

Falangist forces were considered the most likely to kill civilians. The Fascists worked with a network of villagers to report and kill those who opposed them. Veterans of the Fascist army still meet and are angered by the uncovering of mass graves.

Credits: The Spanish Holocaust - Part Two (00:32)

Credits: The Spanish Holocaust - Part Two

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The Spanish Holocaust - Part Two

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In part two of The Spanish Holocaust, we speak with the relatives of the those murdered in the Spanish Civil War who tell of the brutality and their attempts to locate the bodies of their loved ones who were murdered. In this documentary, we see how Francisco Franco’s Fascist troops took out their wrath on civilians. Many mass grave sites are known only to locals; virtually none of them bears a plaque or any other indication of commemorate the killings. In Leon, the Truth Association has concentrated efforts on exhuming bodies from mass graves. The relatives of the victims complain it should be the government not volunteers exhuming the bodies. The wall of silence erected by Franco’s dictatorship has been continued by the current Spanish government.

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