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Illegal Immigration (03:25)


Poverty abounds in Latin America. Lax rail yard security in Mexico provides the surest route to a better wage north of the border, despite belief that NAFTA would stem the flow of illegal immigration. Experts consider why the agreement failed.

Remittance (05:00)

Undocumented immigrant Vicky Sanchez explains why she came to the U.S. Like many immigrants, she shares small financial gains with the family she left behind. Remittances are second only to oil as a means of income in Mexico.

Border Crossing Simulation (01:54)

Actors simulate an illegal border crossing at Parque Ecoalberto. About 800,000 undocumented immigrants enter the U.S. each year and an estimated 12 million work in the country illegally. High unemployment and low earning potential drives Latin Americans from their homes.

Colombian Coffee Federation (07:12)

Juan Valdez is one of the most recognizable coffee brands in the world and is owned by a federation of small farmers in Colombia. Experts discuss the role the National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers has played in stabilizing prices and allowing those farmers to compete on the global market.

"Hollowing Out" of Latin America (03:54)

Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz discusses the emigration of many talented, young citizens to the U.S. Sanchez’s daughter arrives in New York and is unsure whether she will ever want to return to Mexico. Economic recession in the U.S. prompts many immigrants to return home.

Credits: Local Heroes (00:21)

Credits: Local Heroes

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We follow immigrant workers into the United States in search of their American Dream. We also stay at home with Colombian farmers who are part of a rural middle class, thanks to one of the world’s most successful co-operatives. This program looks at workers who feel they need to flee their country in order to achieve success, and others who have stayed at home and become successful through working together.

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