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Lost Continent? (02:41)


Despite many resources, Latin America has under-performed in the global economy over the last century. Does big business hold the biggest lever when it comes to raising the poor from $2 to $8 a day?

Banana Farmers (04:02)

Jose Zapata recalls the suspicion local farmers felt toward a training scheme organized by Dole Food Company. Zapata's profits have increased by a third thanks to new growing and harvesting techniques, and new markets he can access.

Suspicion of Big Business (02:05)

Many South Americans view multinational corporations as colonial entities that exploit natural resources, pollute the environment and overthrow democratically elected governments. W. Robert de Jongh outlines financial incentives for big companies.

Housing and Cemex (07:33)

Zapata gives a tour of his old home. Half-finished houses are commonplace in Latin America, where more than 360 million people live in poverty. Teresa Martinez and Javier Trevino describe benefits of the Patrimonio Hoy program.

Helping Subsistence Farmers (05:00)

Perhusa Coffee has organized a collective that teaches local subsistence farmers the best growing techniques. Santiago Espinoza and Arcadio Huancaruna elaborate on the program’s benefits.

Credits: Trade not Aid (00:11)

Credits: Trade not Aid

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Latin America’s chequered history with multinational corporations has made big business a hard sell. In this film, we examine business projects that help the poor in Mexico and South America, from programs that train subsistence farmers in the most advanced growing techniques to a cement company that helps Mexican families build their own homes affordably. One development agency sees large corporations as crucial to the process of moving the poor from living on $2 to $8 dollars a day. 

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