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Diagnosed with HIV (03:44)


Gloria Asuquo recalls collapsing at school at age 13 and initially being told she had typhoid or malaria; she is HIV-positive. Prof. Babatunde Osotimehin and Pat Matemilola discuss stigma surrounding the disease.

Family Friction (03:11)

Asuquo recalls her mother's rage upon learning she was HIV positive. Ikwo Joseph admits she argued against giving her daughter money for treatment. Asuquo describes being quarantined within the family home.

City Growth (02:37)

More than half of Nigeria’s 130 million citizens live below the poverty line. In Abuja, the government demolishes buildings it says were erected illegally. Asuquo recalls the demolition of her family home.

Clinical Visit (03:06)

Asuquo returns to the clinic where she was diagnosed and recalls once contemplating suicide. Many in Africa believe HIV kills quickly, but patients can live for many years with good medical care and a healthy lifestyle.

HIV/AIDS Support Group (02:53)

Asuquo's group has helped her spiritually and financially. She and other members discuss being stigmatized and abandoned by friends. Matemilola and Osotimehin elaborate on the damaging nature of stereotypes and stigma.

Social Approach to HIV (03:26)

A new community is under construction on the outskirts of Abuja for a TV drama. Chidi Ukwu explains various plots of “Wetin Dey,” which include HIV-themed storylines.

Reconciled Family (01:29)

A sudden rainstorm sends Asuquo and her family running for cover. They live and work in harmony now that Joseph has come to terms with her daughter’s status. She advises others in her position seek a support group.

Credits: HIV Stigma in Nigeria (00:24)

Credits: HIV Stigma in Nigeria

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HIV Stigma in Nigeria

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Gloria Asuqo was diagnosed with HIV when she was 13. She is now 18 and trying to live a normal life. However, being HIV-positive in a country like Nigeria can be an uphill struggle. This film looks at the problems that HIV-positive people face, in order to live like any other person, and how they are speaking out against stigma to try and overcome it.

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