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Special Health Workers (02:02)


Thousands of young, Ethiopian women receive health care training to treat those in remote areas. Three times a month, Fanta Yenehu brings lifesaving vaccines to some of the most isolated regions.

Vaccinating Clients (02:37)

Yenehu and Zewde Getahun are among 30,000 special health workers trained by the Ethiopian government to vaccinate children. Bjorn Ljungqvist explains why the trainees are all women; they are supported by a team of male volunteers.

Family Support (02:46)

Yenehu visits her family and discusses traditional healing, training, and the family healthcare package. She describes lessons on hygiene, sanitation, malaria, and basic first aid that she presents to clients.

Health Care Visit (03:19)

Yenehu and Getahun visit a client, making suggestions on how she can make her home healthier. Due to the scale of their district, the duo divides their work. Yenehu’s training gives her confidence and opportunities.

Remote Outpost (02:49)

Yenehu and Getahun work from one of northern Ethiopia’s most remote outposts, supported by a team of 10 trained volunteers. They provide basic, preventative healthcare at the village level. They mobilize the community and encourage mothers to vaccinate their children.

Cold Chain Delivery (02:35)

The delivery method is critical to the success of the immunization program. Yenehu administers the 5-in-1 vaccine that was introduced in 2007 with the help of $76.5 million from the GAVI Vaccine Alliance.

Educating School Children (01:59)

Yenehu and Getahun teach children about the advantages of staying healthy and warn against treating illnesses with traditional practices; Getahun is familiar with the latter.

Making a Difference (02:43)

Yenehu and Getahun visit the market. They speculate about the future and how long they will work together. Yenehu is proud of her training and ability to provide for her family. Ethiopia’s immunization rate is now over 70%.

Credits: Girl Power (00:10)

Credits: Girl Power

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An army of teenage girls is transforming heath care in rural Africa. We follow health workers Fantaye Yenehu and Zewde Getahun in Ethiopia to find out what difference they are making to the community and how their own lives have changed. Four times a month, they starts their day with a two-hour walk to pick up their supply of vaccines. They then walk two hours back to the village health post where they inject local babies. Three days a month, they walk for another 30 minutes to an even more remote community where mothers are waiting in the shade of a big tree to have their young children immunized as well. Before the health post was established, the nearest medical help was hours away.

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