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Dairy Farmer (03:03)


Javier Aguayo rounds up cattle on the dairy farm he inherited from his father; his land is remote, making delivery a challenge. Aguayo has financially struggled over the years.

Inclusive Business (04:12)

The new business initiative pairs Aguayo with TONI Dairies, one of the country’s largest dairy producers. TONI purchases Aguayo’s milk instead of competing for limited farming space in Ecuador’s highlands and Aguayo receives technical support that helps him deliver a higher quality product.

Transportation and Collection (04:43)

Edward McIntosh and Christian Marlin describe logistical hurdles to the Inclusive Business project. A milk collection center helps Aguayo and other farmers who are hampered by the region’s lack of paved roads.

Farmers Union (03:45)

Aguayo’s income has doubled since joining the program, but other farmers still have trouble accessing the collection center. Aguayo starts a farmers’ union to lobby for better roads. Ecuador’s Minister of Production Nathalie Cely discusses the need for improvements to infrastructure.

Signs of Success (04:32)

McIntosh believes the program may be the key to lifting the Ecuadorian economy. Aguayo’s business is growing and he hires three more workers. The Inclusive Business program is being enacted in Peru, Bolivia, and other Latin American countries.

Credits: A Cowboy's Story (00:16)

Credits: A Cowboy's Story

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This is the extraordinary story of the struggle for survival among dairy farmers in Latin America! Javier Aguayo has a small herd of cows in Guayas, a lowland area of Ecuador. He is up at the crack of dawn on his horse, rounding up his animals for milking. It’s a tough life. The hours are long, transport is a problem, and his customers often want their deliveries very early. He often has a lot of milk is left over which he makes into cheese, which he has to sell cheaply. But a new business scheme is starting to change his fortunes. Working with one of the country’s biggest dairies, he takes his milk to a central collection point; part of the journey is by canoe along the river. Now he gets a guaranteed income, and his business is starting to flourish. A Cowboy’s Story explains how this new initiative is transforming the lives of farmers like Javier.

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