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Introduction: Nepal's Dispossessed (01:34)


Mangale fishes in Chitwan forest. His people have caught fish on the river for centuries, but they can no longer do so legally.

Prohibited Tradition (03:58)

Bharat Bote explains that his people have traditionally obtained everything they need from the Chitwan Forest. Krishna Paudel of the Ministry of Forestry explains why the forest was turned into a national park in 1973. Fishing and hunting is now illegal and Mangele and his family often scavenge.

Punishment for Illegal Fishing (03:26)

The government has issued licenses to fish in some rivers near the village, but the Botes say they are useless. Mangele risks punishment by fishing illegally. A soldier describes typical enforcement, but denies any abuse of power.

Lack of Cultural Acceptance (06:27)

Officially, indigenous people comprise 37% of Nepal’s population, though many believe the figure is closer to 60%. They are among the most impoverished and disadvantaged groups in Nepal. The Botes are seen as the lowest of the low.

Disappearing Culture (05:07)

Paudel alludes to efforts to involve tribes in day-to-day activities of Chitwan National Park. Mangele’s oldest son, Ramesh dreams of leaving the forest for good, a sentiment echoed by other tribal youth. Experts discuss Convention No. 169, which recognizes the rights of indigenous people.

Credits: Nepal's Dispossessed (00:14)

Credits: Nepal's Dispossessed

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Mangale is a humble fisherman in the remote village of Pandav Nagar in southern Nepal. He’s a member of the Bote people, a small ethnic group of traditional fishermen probably no more than 8,000 strong. Since 1973, Mangale and the Bote have been denied access to the rivers and land which historically provided their livelihood and food and possess great spiritual significance to their people. The area was turned into one of Nepal’s most famous tourist attractions, the Chitwan National Park. The Nepalese authorities try to keep the Bote out. Army patrols police the area, and Mangele risks being caught every time he attempts to go fishing. Even when he does get away with it, there is no guarantee the fish will bite. Often he returns home empty handed.

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