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Victim of Trafficking (174:00)


Poverty and unemployment make young Moldovan women easy prey for traffickers who promise them work abroad. The global industry is worth $32 billion a year, according to the ILO. "Maria," a survivor, describes her experiences.

Lure of "Easy Money" (00:0-9977)

Daniela Gutu is typical of young professionals who want their country to succeed but believe there is greater opportunity elsewhere. Maria recalls falling victim to a family friend who promised a lucrative opportunity in Russia.

International Labour Organization (02:38)

The ILO campaigns to help victims of international trafficking. Jana Costachi trains workers to answer questions from Moldovan citizens. Maria recalls crossing the Russian border illegally, being put to work and then having no way of getting home.

Center for the Prevention of Trafficking in Women (04:45)

Maria recalls the circumstances in which her captors let her go. Elena Balan works for the Center for the Prevention of Trafficking in Women which provides legal and social assistance to victims. She outlines aspects of Maria’s background that make her vulnerable. Many victims are re-trafficked or become traffickers.

Prosecuting Traffickers (05:39)

Maria’s trafficker has been arrested, and her case is argued by a lawyer from the CPTW. Ion Oboroceanu explains why victims are often unwilling to come forward. The ILO, CPTW, and National Employment Agency work together to give victims advice and training to rebuild their lives.

Credits: Forced Labor (00:09)

Credits: Forced Labor

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Forced Labor

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Migration is one of the key themes of modern times, as more and more people leave their own countries to find work and an income. More people are on the move today than at any time in history. Half of them are women. Often they are exploited and forced into prostitution or slave labor. If they do manage to escape and make their way home, life for them is often far from easy. Aside from the trauma and the stigma, their families and communities don’t always welcome them with open arms. If they come home empty handed or in debt they are often rejected – or worse, exploited by their own people. This usually happens outside the law, and the women have little or no redress. We look at the plight of women who have often been abused or badly treated both abroad and at home.

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