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River Blindness (02:52)


Esther Bokawurkum describes the itching that plagued her when she was infected by a parasitic worm. The worm can cause sores and lesions, or onchocerciasi. The World Health Organization estimates 500,000 people have been blinded by the condition.

River Blindness Treatment (01:54)

River blindness strains the local health clinic run by Haruna Adamu Kirim. Ivermectin can prevent the disease, but distributing the drug to rural communities can be a challenge.

Community Drug Distributors (04:32)

Cleopas Bakari recalls becoming a distributor. He follows up with a family that missed the annual distribution of Ivermectin. During a public meeting to assess how well distribution went this year, villagers ask for more volunteers.

Volunteer Training (02:04)

Kirim trains volunteers how to administer Ivermectin. Hans Remme describes skepticism that preceded the community program. Community drug distributors now treat more than 60 million Africans.

Fighting Malaria and Other Diseases (06:08)

Following the success of the river blindness program, community drug distributors have begun helping treat other diseases that plague the region. Bakari shows Bokawurkum how to install an insecticide-treated sleeping net.

Program Success (03:31)

Bokawurkum keeps a stock of antimalarial drugs at home to distribute to her neighbors. Artemisinin combination therapy is the recommended form of treatment. Remme, Kirim, and Dr. Oladele Akogun discuss the program’s success.

Credits: The Nurse Next Door (00:11)

Credits: The Nurse Next Door

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Esther Bokawurkum is a real survivor. When she was younger, she was infected by the parasitic worm that causes river blindness. She was one of the lucky ones and made a full recovery; but many of her friends and neighbors did not, and they went blind. Because there is such a shortage of qualified doctors and nurses, Bokawurkum is helping by dispensing drugs. Volunteers like her are starting to make a real difference to the health of people in isolated communities where there is virtually no access to proper healthcare.

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