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Introduction: The Queen & the Carpet Girl (01:07)


The carpets displayed in the busy souks of Morocco come at a cost. Young factory workers endure miserable working conditions to produce the sought-after souvenirs.

UNICEF Advocate (03:08)

Queen Rania Al-Abdullah visits a local school in Fez where she meets Khadija Mchachti, an 11-year-old former factory worker. The school supports a Moroccan project aimed at getting carpet girls out of the factories and into the classroom.

Harsh Working Conditions (03:43)

Mchachti recalls starting work at a carpet factory at the age of 5 and the ensuing discomfort of burning fingers and routine beatings. Maie Ayoub von Kohl of UNICEF Morocco estimates 10,000-15,000 children, ages 6 to 15, are harmed by arduous and illegal work in Fez.

Social Worker Intervention (03:19)

Von Kohl describes the role of social workers like Fatema Ben Brik, who discovered Mchachti working at a factory when she was nine. Najia Msyky, Mchachti's stepmother, says she could only afford to let one of her three daughters stop working.

Educational Environment (04:01)

As the smallest earner, Mchachti returns to school while her sisters work 11 hour days at the factory. Bahija Tajine describes improvements in Mchcachti’s confidence and demeanor since she has returned to the classroom.

Home Visits (02:20)

More than 600 girls have returned to school in Fez. Brik makes regular visits to ensure clients have not returned to working as carpet girls. Fatiha Zouhein sings the project’s praises.

Child-Friendly Schools (03:02)

The project that returned Mchachti's childhood is part of a countrywide strategy. Von Kohl visits a school in Tangier, hoping to bring similar institutions to Fez. Queen Rania is optimistic the back-to-school project is making a difference.

Credits: The Queen & the Carpet Girl (00:05)

Credits: The Queen & the Carpet Girl

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The Queen & the Carpet Girl

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Thousands of Moroccan children are forced into labor every year, working long hours for little pay in often dangerous conditions. We meet one such child, 11-year-old Khadija, and follow her remarkable story. She worked long hours at a carpet factory starting at age 5; but, following her rescue by UNICEF workers, she now enjoys a life-changing education. Khadija even gets to meet Queen Rania of Jordan, a champion of children’s rights.

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