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Infant Mortality in Africa (03:02)


In Africa, up to half a million newborns die the day of birth each year. Nairobi resident Evelyn Katunge recalls giving birth to twins at age 18 and losing both.

Hospital Avoidance (02:29)

Katunge lives in Majengo, a crowded slum known for brisk market trade. Going to the hospital to give birth would cost two months’ wages. Katunge highlights reasons Nairobian women avoid hospitals.

Causes of Premature Death (02:50)

Worldwide, about 4 million babies die in the first four weeks of life each year. The three main causes are infection, premature birth, and asphyxia. Dr. Kennedy Ongwae underscores the importance of healthcare in the first month of a baby’s life.

Healthcare in Majengo (01:58)

Polio drugs are distributed on the streets every year. Dr. Ongwae believes the slum’s women can help save newborns with some basic training.

Infant Mortality (01:59)

More than a million African newborns die each year before they reach a month old; most die at home. Katunge recalls the sorrow she felt at the death of her twins and shares her hopes for her son, 8-month-old Dennis.

Katunge's Family Visit (01:49)

Katunge takes baby Dennis to visit her family. Esther Wanza, Katunge’s mother, recalls giving birth to her eight children at home. A tree on the property marks the spot where Katunge’s twins are buried.

Training Community Health Workers (04:01)

In rural India, newborn twins receive medical care from Abhay Bang who has been trained in simple, lifesaving procedures. Newborn mortality has gone down by about 70% in the 42 villages where Bang’s program operates.

Expanding the Program (01:47)

Bang provides a kit that helps care for newborns at home. Dr. Rumishael Shoo describes Katunge as the ideal target of Bang’s program. Other countries are developing similar initiatives.

Credits: Newborn Survival (00:10)

Credits: Newborn Survival

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Birth is a treacherous business, especially in Africa where up to half a million babies die on the day they are born each year. Kenyan Evelyn Katunge knows about the heartbreak of losing newborns. She was just 18 when her twins died hours after being born. Pioneering programs are being introduced to prevent similar tragedies. We tell Evelyn’s story and looks at the work of Indian doctor Abhay Bang who has developed new methods of support for mothers around the world.

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