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War Refugees (02:55)


The war that cost nearly a 1,000 lives a day in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is virtually over. Lalia Mawazo is among the 50,000 refugees that have returned to Fizi territory. She recalls living in a refugee camp and receiving the deed to her property.

Disputed Land Claim (03:57)

Mawazo and her cousin Safi Muzaliwa claim legal ownership of a plot of land. Their dispute has been dramatized by Search for Common Ground that uses theater to help solve real-world conflict.

Conflict Resolution (03:12)

Mawazo turns to human rights organization Arche d’Alliance for help resolving the land dispute. Philippe Batumbula investigates before turning the matter over to a committee of local leaders; Muzaliwa threatens her cousin.

Land Disputes (01:51)

Batumbula visits a settlement where 300 families received land on which to build new homes. He recalls Muzaliwa turning down an offer at this location.

Search for Common Ground (02:02)

The theater group performs ia play which resonates with Mawazo, but Muzaliwa feels targeted. Batumbula presents a new offer to Muzaliwa; her cousin will provide bricks for a new home if she gives up her claim.

Conflict Resolution (05:46)

Mawazo and Muzaliwa accept the Committee for Mediation and Conciliation’s proposal and agree to forgive one another. Muzaliwa visits her new plot; Mawazo is relieved to have the conflict resolved.

Credits: Neighbors at War (00:10)

Credits: Neighbors at War

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Neighbors at War

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Brutal wars that have cost a thousand lives a day are nearly over in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. People are returning home after more than a decade as refugees, but many come home to find someone else has claimed their land. Cousins Lalia Mawazo and Safi Muzaliwa are in the middle of such a dispute. 

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