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Surviving on Millet (03:07)


Baraca Lawali and her mother-in-law prepare one of the few readily available food sources in famine-stricken Niger. The lack of variety in regional diet contributes to Niger having the second highest infant mortality rate on the planet.

Food Supply and Women (02:29)

Factors that contribute to the lack of food include an unstable cereal market, rapid increases in population, and weather. UNICEF’s Victor Aguyo outlines changes that need to take place to improve nutrition in Niger, including the empowerment of women.

Cooking Conditions and Treating Malnutrition (02:46)

Cooking is done outside, making the process less sanitary. Lawali realizes if dirt gets in her pots, her children may develop diarrhea. Boubacar Soumaila treats children who suffer from malnutrition in nearby Miyahi where there is one doctor for every 60,000 residents.

Benefits of Breastfeeding (02:01)

Action Against Hunger’s Idrissa Ai’ssa educates local women regarding nutrition. Babies should be breastfed on demand for the first six months, but in the villages, they often receive water-based formula instead.

Infant Checkup Event (06:18)

Aid workers hold an event at a remote village. Ai’ssa describes factors that make it difficult for Nigerien women to stay on top of their children’s nutritional and medical needs. Lawali recalls her baby’s life-threatening bout with diarrhea.

Extended Dry Season (03:59)

It should be the rainy season, but the rain has been absent for weeks. The men in Lawali’s village pray for rain while the women prepare food. Village Chief Bara Zaki acknowledges the men need to help women more but says his village also needs aid from the outside.

Credits: Hungry for Change (00:10)

Credits: Hungry for Change

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The former French colony of Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world. Life expectancy is just 44 and infant mortality, according to the World Health Organizaton, is the second highest in the world; one in five children die before they reach five years old. Niger also suffers from a poor education system, poor access to contraception and an extremely high rate of teenage pregnancy. It really is a fight for survival, but there are signs that is beginning to change. Centers have been developed to help advise people on nutrition. But what impact will they have? We find out by following a young woman and her baby girl as they endure the daily struggle to find enough to eat.

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