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Introduction: We Are What We Eat (01:16)


Millions of Africans suffer from hidden hunger—lack of food and a shortage of essential vitamins and minerals. There is a simple and effective solution, fortify foods with added vitamins.

Nshinka Family (01:57)

Marjory Nshinka prepares dinner for her family and discusses food she can typically afford and times her family went hungry. Her husband, Levy, teaches blind children at the local school where some of his students become sick from the lack of a proper diet.

Mansa General Hospital (02:26)

Children receive treatment for a variety of symptoms that stem from malnutrition. Dr. Jerome Sulubani cites lack of nutritional education and poverty as factors that worsen the problem. Vitamin A deficiency is especially worrisome as it can lead to blindness.

Vitamin A Deficiency (02:52)

Blind students at St. Mary’s Special School are taught to be self-sufficient. Vitamin A is essential for healthy vision, growth, and the immune system. Amanda Marlin of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition highlights problems that arise from widespread malnutrition.

Food Shopping (02:51)

Marjory Nshinka shops with her children. She is careful not to run out of maize meal; the foundation of nshima. Marlin elaborates on developmental issues young children experience due to vitamin deficiencies.

Supplements for Children (01:33)

Mothers bring their babies to the local health clinic for vaccinations and vitamin A supplements. The aim is to give all Zambian children under age 5 a supplement every six months. Midwife Barbara Chilwana also provides dietary advice.

Fortified Sugar (04:24)

Marjory prepares nshima for her family’s breakfast. Marlin discusses the benefits of fortifying foods with added vitamins. The Zambian government pinpoints sugar as the dietary staple that provides the greatest societal benefit when fortified.

Expanded Fortification Program (03:38)

The government is expanding fortification efforts with a new program that targets maize meal. National Milling’s Peter Cottan discusses logistical challenges; GAIN helps mitigate cost.

Credits: We Are What We Eat (00:18)

Credits: We Are What We Eat

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Many children who battle against hunger in Zambia also have to deal with chronic under-nourishment and vitamin and mineral deficiency, which sometimes leads to blindness. Experts believe improving food by adding vitamins and minerals is one of the most successful ways of fighting the effects of hunger and starvation. But does it work? We Are What We Eat follows Marjory Nshinka, a mother of five, as she struggles to provide her family with vitamin-rich food.

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