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Introduction: Killer on the Doorstep (02:14)


This film tells the story of an Indonesian family devastated by bird flu. Riah’s husband and father discuss her death. Tens of millions of people keep chickens and they are now learning their birds may pose a serious threat.

Coping with Grief (02:29)

Riah’s daughter Suci, struggles to cope with her mother’s death; school is her only refuge. She recalls her mother’s symptoms and other circumstances surrounding her death.

Bird Flu Treatment (01:58)

Dr. Mukhtar Ikhsan describes the deterioration of Riah’s condition. Patients with avian influenza receive oxygen, Tamiflu, and other antibiotics. Rian says he could not see or touch his daughter in hospital or at her funeral.

Bird Flu Pandemic? (02:08)

Indonesia has suffered from bird flu more than any other country. More than 100 people have been infected with an 80% mortality rate. Bayu Krisnamurthi and Dr. Ikhsan describe conditions in Jakarta that could worsen a potential pandemic.

Another Case of Bird Flu (01:19)

Arif shows classic symptoms of avian influenza. Dr. Ikhsan describes attempts to treat him as his condition deteriorated.

Surviving Avian Influenza (03:45)

Suci immerses herself in studies. Dr. Ikhsan describes the successful treatment of Arif. His faith is a great source of comfort as he deals with the loss of his mother.

Birds in Indonesia (03:29)

Many Indonesians keep birds as pets; a local market carries a wide variety. Many raise chickens at home. There has been a crackdown on poultry in response to the current outbreak.

Outbreak Traced to Source (03:32)

The family’s 20 chickens are destroyed, but their corpses show no signs of avian flu. Suci recalls her mother visiting a local market shortly before she died. Representatives of UNICEF educate neighbors about the disease.

Credits: Killer on the Doorstep (00:10)

Credits: Killer on the Doorstep

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Killer on the Doorstep

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A new and largely fatal disease is emerging in Asia, causing experts so speculate about the start of the next worldwide pandemic. Avian influenza, aka bird flu, is fatal in four out of five cases. The worst hit country is Indonesia where we met Suci, a young girl whose mother died of bird flu. In 2006, her family gathered to celebrate the Muslim holy day of Eid al-Adha, and Suci’s mother contracted bird flu while preparing a meal. She was dead within days. We follow Suci and her family as they attempt to rebuild their lives and struggle to cope as family breadwinner Arif also catches the disease.

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