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Child Mortality (04:01)


The death rates for children are declining in Bangladesh, but newborn death rates remain high. Nasima Begum has lost two children and turns to a traditional healer in hopes of protecting her newborn from evil spirits.

Newborn Mortality Rates (03:44)

In Bangladesh, 14 newborns die every hour. The most common childbirth complications are asphyxia, infections, and low birth weight. Birth attendant Mumtaz Arzumand Vanu convinces local parents to rely on modern medicine instead of traditional healers. A theater group delivers a public service announcement.

Medical Staff Shortage (03:27)

Dr. Parveen helps treat a new mother at the state-run hospital in Shahapur. There are 400 district hospitals in the country, but only 132 can provide the services available in Shahpur. UNICEF encourages mothers go to hospitals for checkups and delivery.

Community Groups (03:28)

Volunteers keep track of pregnant women in some villages, lessening the number of newborn deaths. Around 4 million newborns die around the globe each year, but a quarter could be saved with community programs like those developed by UNICEF.

Low Birth Weights (02:58)

Nearly half the population of Bangladesh lives below the poverty line, and poor nutrition is the main cause for low birth weights. Begum and her husband decry the high cost of rice this season.

Modern and Traditional Care (03:10)

Dr. Parveen's patient has received a transfusion and will soon return home with her newborn. Begum applies pigment to her baby’s eyebrows and forehead to ward off evil spirits.

Credits: Spellbound (00:17)

Credits: Spellbound

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It’s estimated that 14 newborn babies die every hour in Bangladesh; that’s a staggering 120,000 a year. This film follows the story of 18-year-old Nasima and the fortunes of her new baby daughter, Sheema. Nasima, who lives in a remote rural community, knows all about the heartache of losing a child. She has already had two babies who died soon after birth. She is determined that, for Sheema, things will be different.

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