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Migrants and Employment (03:25)


Among the most vulnerable workers in the global recession are migrants. Anna and Mariusz Glod explain why they moved to England following their country’s entry into the European Union. David Metcalf discusses the downward trend in immigration from Eastern Europe.

Goan Migrants (04:04)

Chris Colaco and his uncle, Angelo De Mello are migrant workers from southwestern India. Migrants make up 10% of the population in Swindon.

Polish Population in the U.K. (03:32)

Members of the Polish community have been rooted in Swindon for more than 60 years and do not relate to newer arrivals. Zbyszek Lukasiak discusses his experiences working abroad. He is among 200,000 Polish migrants that have returned to their home country.

Backlash Against Migrants (02:45)

Migrants are often blamed for unemployment and declining wages; De Mello is among those who perceive an increase in hostility. Sarah Mulley dispels widely held myths about migrants. Juan Somavia the thinks the degree of hostility is overestimated.

Remittances and Cultural Costs (02:47)

The recession impacts the amount of money migrants send home; remittances are down between 8 and 10% worldwide. Hanna Mamzer discusses the related cultural losses of countries of origin. Father Francis Rosario emphasizes sacrifices that migrants must make to start a new life.

Establishing Roots (04:16)

Alistair De Mello dreams of a job in computer animation, but not in India. With families integrated into host countries, the older generation has little to gain from returning to their country of origin. Experts highlight the benefits migrants bring to England.

Credits: The Migrant's Story (00:09)

Credits: The Migrant's Story

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What began as an international financial crisis has turned into a global jobs meltdown. Unemployment is rising. We examine what the fallout from the crisis means for the millions of economic migrants who have left the countries of their birth in search of a better life.

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