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Preparation for Puppetry (03:46)


Mythology and Greek culture permeates modern societies. Students explore mythology through puppetry. Teachers prepare by reviewing the state standards for theater and language arts.

Language Arts Class (04:55)

Helen Schell brings history to life by providing examples of how mythology permeates modern societies. Students review Greek roots and fill out puppetry profiles.

Puppet Projects (05:09)

The puppets need to be manipulatable and take ten days to construct. Students write scripts for a show using a flow chart.

Animating Puppets (12:14)

The class practices manipulating their puppets and creates an original voice. Students perform scenes and critique each other using the "PPQ" method (praise, polish, and question.) Jennifer Larson provides tips and techniques for improvement.

Credits: Breathing Life into Myths (01:35)

Credits: Breathing Life into Myths

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Breathing Life into Myths

Part of the Series : Connecting with the Arts: A Teaching Practices Library, 6-8
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A language arts teacher draws on puppetry techniques and help from her school's theater teacher to engage her 6th graders in exploring Greek myths.

Length: 29 minutes

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