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Restorative Justice (04:34)


The U.S. has one of the world's highest incarceration rates but has done little in terms of prison reform. Victim Agnes Furey and offender Leonard Scovens attempt to overcome grief and trauma through restorative justice.

Anger Management (10:22)

The McBride and Grosmaire families face the tragedy they experienced when Conor McBride killed his fiance Anne. Conor tells his story and the families share their experiences with restorative justice to a crowd. Legal authorities express thoughts on the unconventional process.

Advocacy After Trauma (02:51)

Scovens and Agnes write one another, attempting to express their emotions. They decided to share the healing they found by writing a book.

Driving While Intoxicated (06:52)

Renee Napier suffers from the loss of her daughter Meagan at the hands of drunk driver Eric Smallridge. Smallridge is emotional and repentant at his trial. Renee asks the judge to restructure his ruling to concurrent sentences, meaning Smallridge will spend eleven years in prison.

Contributing to Society (10:06)

McBride explains how restorative justice has impacted his outlook on life. Smallridge talks about his social life after prison. Agnes and Scovens read excerpts from their book.

Mass Incarceration (08:22)

Agnes and Scovens read excerpts from; Scovens shares details of sexual, physical, and substance abuse within his family structure. Cyril Scovens discusses his history with crack and how it affected Leonard.

Struggles of Restorative Justice (08:30)

Agnes and Renee talk about their experiences with restorative justice. The prison system makes it difficult for Agnes to communicate with Scovens. Scovens reflects on Agnes' difficulties going against social norms.

Credits: Another Justice (00:27)

Credits: Another Justice

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Leonard is serving a life sentence for the murders of Patricia and Chris. Agnes, the victims’ mother and grandmother, contacted Leonard hoping it would help her heal from this tragedy. Their exchange led them to join in a mutual fight to promote restorative justice, an alternative stance on justice based on prevention and victim/offender dialogue.

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