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Winnie's Story (04:59)


Winnie recalls visiting Belfast in 2008 and her hiking trip. She encounters a young man who violently assaults and rapes her in the park.

Niamh's Story (04:54)

Niamh describes living with her abusive boyfriend and her continued illness. She recalls waking up to find he had sex with her while she was asleep; she eventually decides to leave.

Processing Crime (02:56)

Winnie recalls her behavior after the assault. She calls a friend for help, who calls the police; Winnie goes to the hospital. She describes the forensic exam as a second invasion.

Reliving Assault and Self-Abuse (02:49)

After the rape, Niamh does not have a sense of self or safety; she engages in self-harm. Reliving the abuse gives her anxiety, nightmares, depression, and a dangerous relationship with food.

Life After Assault (03:05)

Winnie describes the rape's drastic effects on her life. She receives support from her friends via email, but does not tell her parents until over three years later.

Court Experiences (03:54)

Niamh says there are two traumatic events, the assault and the legal system. The rapist pleads guilty and receives a suspended sentence; he receives 15 months on appeal. She recalls contacting him via email and his response.

Return to Belfast (03:57)

The assault is the single most defining moment in Winnie's adult life. She returns to Belfast and talks with her friend, Geraldine. Winnie shows the clothing she wore during the assault.

Sense of Home (03:12)

Niamh discusses her shattered view of what home means. After the assault, she moves to London for a short time so she can learn how to set boundaries and assert herself.

Assault Site (07:51)

Winnie returns to the site of the attack. Reminders make her nauseous, but she does not feel as vulnerable as expected. She visits Geraldine and talks about her emotions and the impact of the assault.

Trauma Recovery (05:02)

One of Niamh's final hurdles is to listen to and understand her body; she works within domestic abuse. To recover, Winnie acknowledges the assault and understands she is doing her best to recover.

Final Thoughts on Recovery (01:23)

Assault survivors talk about remembering the attacks, learning to live with them, the impact of the events, and finding a solution for recovery and happiness.

Credits: Unbreakable: Surviving Trauma: Part 2 (00:55)

Credits: Unbreakable: Surviving Trauma: Part 2

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Two women speak about their experiences during and after being sexually and physically assaulted: the trauma, recovery, family, friends, and how they coped with being raped. 

Length: 47 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64481-673-8

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