Segments in this Video

Trish's Story (04:27)


Trish describes a male relative assaulting her the day of a funeral; he tricks her into going to his house and then attacks. Trish talks him out of rape and gives him a ride back to the funeral.

Niamh's Story (04:13)

Niamh describes a man breaking into her house and becoming the victim of a brutal assault. After she is sure he leaves, she calls the police.

After an Assault (04:55)

Trish recalls driving around town and eventually deciding to talk with a priest. Niamh recalls talking to the police and going to the hospital.

Effects of Assault (04:24)

Trish recalls feeling isolated and alone, and contemplating suicide. Brutal attacks affect every part of a victim’s life; Niamh experiences panic attacks after the assault.

Victim Blaming (02:05)

Trish reports her attacker, but receives negative attention. Most people she encounters blame her for the attack and are angry.

Support Systems (01:55)

A woman speaks with Niamh about her assault. Niamh discusses the town searching for her attacker, support, and overdosing on pills.

Courtroom Experiences (02:51)

Trish describes her experience as hostile and traumatic. The defense attorney tries to discredit Trish and is aggressive during questioning. Niamh recalls feeling enabled; the rapist receives a 18 year prison sentence.

Varied Responses (03:12)

Niamh says there is no wrong way to talk to a rape victim when trying to help. Trish discusses other people's fear and their belief she was responsible; things do not improve after her attacker is sentenced.

Family Support (04:20)

Niamh’s younger brother talks to her about her assault and courtroom experience. They drive to the house where Niamh was attacked; she is nostalgic about the house instead of relating it to horror.

Escaping Harassment (04:34)

Trish recalls not wanting to be in town and receiving death threats; she has moved thirteen times. Niamh discusses teaching and receiving community support.

Therapy (05:02)

Trish's counselor suggests group therapy; she resents victim blaming. Trish says the impact of the attack has decreased over the years.

Credits: Unbreakable: Surviving Trauma: Part 1 (00:55)

Credits: Unbreakable: Surviving Trauma: Part 1

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Two women speak about their experiences during and after being sexually and physically assaulted. They talk about their attacks, courtroom experiences, support systems or lack thereof, feelings, responses from people, and the ways in which they coped. 

Length: 46 minutes

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