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Debate "Housekeeping" (05:46)


John Donvan frames the debate on the domestic economy and introduces panel members: former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers and Senior Fellow of the Peterson Institute Jason Furman; Former Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund Simon Johnson; Senior Fellow at the Heritage Foundation and former economic advisor to Donald Trump, Stephen Moore; global economist and best-selling author Dambiso Moyo; and U.S. Managing Editor for the “Financial Times” Gillian Tett.

Resolution: The GOP Tax Reform Bill Will Improve Our Outlook for Growth (09:10)

Johnson thinks the tax cut is focused on old capital. Furman describes how there is little incentive for new investments. Moore feels it will bring factories back to the United States and reduce small business tax rates.

Long Term vs. Short Term Impact (10:56)

Moore describes how growth will solve issues with the deficit in the long run. Furman feels that Moore's projections are unachievable. Tett explains how interest rates will rise, doubling the annual cost of the deficit.

Resolution: Deregulation Is Driving the Booming Economy (08:22)

Tett describes how companies felt excessive regulation was hindering growth. The stock market rose 700 points the day after Donald Trump was elected. Moyo explains promises the president made while campaigning.

Has Deregulation Been Significant (13:16)

The Federal Communications Commission rolled backed net neutrality rules; Moore suspects there will be millions of dollars in infrastructure growth from companies like Verizon and AT&T. Furman describes how economists need to balance the cost and its benefits when analyzing regulations. Moyo describes how governments ask financial institutions to support housing for all policies.

Environmental Deregulation (02:31)

Furman explains how the benefits of deregulating the oil industry do not outweigh the ramifications of sustainability. Tett describes how China is excelling in the solar panel industry.

Resolution: The Stock Market Is Too High (08:55)

Moyo explains that the dividend to retained earnings ratio has been over 100% in every sector in 2017. Johnson extols on the benefits of living in America. Tett describes how interest rates will rise due to inflation.

President Trump Not Judged by Stock Market (08:58)

Half of America does not invest in the stock market. Janet Yellen, chairman of the Federal Reserve, believes that inflation ratings will not remain permanent. Central banks have added an additional $10 trillion into the global financial system.

Core Optimism About America (04:09)

The three key ingredients for long-term growth are capital, a quality labor force, and productivity. The Dow Jones Industrial Average broke a new record. Panelists discuss how to achieve long-term growth.

What Is the Biggest Challenge of 2018? (11:41)

Moore worries that another housing crisis will occur. Panelists discuss geopolitics, anti-immigration movements, long-term growth, and nuclear war. Donvan compliments panelists on their conduct.

Audience Vote Results (01:23)

Pre-Debate: The GOP Tax Reform Bill Will Improve Our Outlook for Growth - Yes: 37% No: 63% Pre-Debate: Deregulation Is Driving the Booming Economy - Yes: 27% No: 73% Pre-Debate: The Stock Market Is Too High - Yes: 35% No: 65% Post-Debate: The GOP Tax Reform Bill Will Improve Our Outlook for Growth - Yes: 22% No: 78% Post-Debate: Deregulation Is Driving the Booming Economy - Yes: 16% No: 84% Post-Debate: The Stock Market Is Too High - Yes: 50% No: 50%

Credits: Unresolved: America's Economic Outlook: A Debate (00:08)

Credits: Unresolved: America's Economic Outlook: A Debate

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Unresolved: America's Economic Outlook: A Debate

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By most accounts, the American economy is booming—manufacturing is at a 13-year high, unemployment is at a 16-year low, and both the stock market and consumer confidence are soaring. But just what is driving this upturn, how long will it endure, and how will the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the law passed by the Republican-controlled Congress in December 2017, shape the economy in the years ahead? In this debate, five economists and experts examine three critical issues: 1. Is deregulation driving the booming economy? 2. Will the GOP Tax Reform Act improve growth? 3. Is the stock market too high?

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