Segments in this Video

Travels Abroad to Interview Expatriates (02:35)


A Russian woman living in America travels to Greece, France, Italy, Egypt, and Russia to interview Americans living abroad.

What is Patriotism? (02:14)

A Russian woman living in America contemplates the meaning of patriotism. Americans living abroad are asked to share their opinions on patriotism.

Memories from Home (02:56)

A Russian woman living in America discusses what she misses about her country. Americans living abroad are interviewed about what they miss from their own homeland.

New Language - New Lifestyle (02:53)

A Russian woman living in America discusses how her life has changed since moving to a new country and learning a new language. Americans living abroad talk about lifestyles in their adopted countries.

Community Values (01:56)

Americans living abroad compare the social values in their adopted countries with those in America.

Personal Values (02:40)

A Russian woman living in America introduces the idea of adopting new personal values depending on where one lives. An American man living in Russia illustrates her point.

Life Overseas (01:29)

Americans living in Egypt and Europe talk about life in their new communities.

The American Dream (01:39)

At a festival in France the French people celebrate American culture. A Russian woman who lives in America discusses the idea of the American dream.

Perception of America (03:15)

A Russian woman who lives in America asks random people on the streets of Europe to share their opinions of America.

Religion and Politics (02:57)

A Russian woman who lives in America talks about the misconception that Americans are involved in politics. Americans living abroad discuss how differently politics are treated outside of America.

Happiness in America (03:00)

A Russian woman discusses the inalienable right of Americans to pursue happiness. Americans living abroad share how their opinion of America has changed since moving over seas.

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As America undergoes rapid economic, cultural, and political changes, how is its global image evolving? In what ways do expatriate Americans shape foreign perceptions of the United States? And what is it like for homegrown U.S. citizens to live among those who understand little about them? This program presents interviews with Americans in Russia, France, Italy, Greece, and Egypt. Each shares his or her thoughts on patriotism, stereotypes, personal and political freedoms, and the challenge of seeing one’s birthplace objectively. Indigenous residents of each country contribute impressions of the Americans in their midst while the film’s Russian-born director reflects on leaving her homeland behind. (30 minutes)

Length: 30 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-61616-368-6

Copyright date: ©2008

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“Works well in tying together diverse voices and perspectives to comment on specific issues.... Provides some interesting insights about America through the eyes of a foreign citizen. Recommended.”  —Educational Media Reviews Online  

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