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Environmental Rights (04:41)


Most members of the United Nations recognize the right to a healthy environment. Harrietsfield, Nova Scotia has significant issues with contaminated water. Melissa King and her family declared bankruptcy.

Pictou Landing First Nation (07:01)

The Northern Pulp Mill releases toxic effluent into A'se'k and smog into Pictour; effluent reaches the Northumberland Strait. Residents discuss the impact of the pollution. Northern Pulp Mill is one of the top five polluters in Canada.

Buenos Aires, Argentina (05:31)

The Matanza Riachuelo Basin is home to nearly 5 million people. In 2004, residents sue the city, province, national government, 14 municipalities, and 44 companies over pollution; 250 environmental inspectors now monitor the Riachuelo.

Ecuador and the Philippines (04:15)

In Canada, Ecuadorians are suing for the enforcement of their environmental rights. Antonio Oposa Jr. petitions to ban logging, establishing the principle of intergenerational equity.

New Brunswick, Canada (01:51)

A citizen alliance works to convince the province to adopt a bill that protects children's health from environmental hazards.

Inverness County, Nova Scotia (06:52)

The county has environmental rights embedded in local laws; Silver Donald Cameron explains fracking. Locals discuss the environment, fighting to ban fracking, and By-Law #45.

Elsipogtog, New Brunswick (06:54)

In 2013, a citizen alliance takes on industry, the government, and RCMP to ban fracking. Residents discuss confronting thumper trucks, arrests, and a raid in December.

Science-based Lawsuits and Constitutional Right (05:22)

Lawyers and First Nations activists file lawsuits against fracking, SWN, and provincial governments. David Suzuki heads the Blue Dot Movement. Organizations are creating a movement.

Credits: Defenders of the Dawn: Green Rights in the Maritimes (01:09)

Credits: Defenders of the Dawn: Green Rights in the Maritimes

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This documentary first aired on CBC Absolutely Maritimes September 5, 2015. Silver Donald Cameron visits communities in Canada’s Maritimes as well as in the Philippines, Ecuador, and Brazil where they are trying to exercise their right to a healthy environment, extending our understanding of environmental rights—green rights—and also showing the dramatic impact of those rights. In this 45-minute film Cameron shows how dedicated citizens and brilliant lawyers are cleaning the beaches of Manila Bay, restoring the Riachuelo River in Buenos Aires, holding oil companies to account in Brazil and Ecuador, and stopping fracking in Canada. These are great human stories—stories of passion and courage, David and Goliath stories, stories of parents and grandparents battling on behalf generations not yet born.

Length: 45 minutes

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