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Update Interview: Elizabeth May (04:00)


Silver Donald Cameron introduces May and briefly highlights changes since her first interview. May discusses the outcome of the last election and Stephen Harper's majority position.

Leveraging Parliamentary Position (05:17)

To be successful when facing a majority Parliament, the Green Party must learn all rules and procedures; every member of Parliament has power. May has a team in the Saanich-Gulf Islands doing constituency work and 12 interns.

Committee Participation (07:28)

May often attends committees but has not yet had the opportunity to ask witnesses questions. She recalls an incident with the media and the House of Commons' claim of unanimous consent.

Parliamentary Procedure (03:18)

May discusses contempt for Parliament from the Harper government on Afghan detainee documents and the resulting release of reports.

Working Across Party Lines (05:51)

May recalls cross-party cooperation during the Mulroney government and discusses the creation of new caucuses. The international conservation caucus is looking at a ban on shark fins.

Parliamentary Questions and State of Mind (06:02)

May styles questions with an intent to obtain a "real" answer and informs members of her questions prior to the meeting. May has little time for reflection but feels most discouraged with Immigration Canada.

Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (07:38)

The negotiations between Canada and the European Union are secret. May cites potential issues including drug pricing, local procurement, and investor-state provisions. She reflects on the Harper government's trade deals; environmental issues interfere with government goals.

House Duty (02:09)

May enjoys being in the House of Commons and often attends debates all day. Cameron cites May's titles.

Credits: Elizabeth May: What Can One MP Do? Plenty (00:14)

Credits: Elizabeth May: What Can One MP Do? Plenty

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This episode of the Green Interview features Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada and Canada’s first elected Green Party Member of Parliament (MP). In this second of two Green Interviews, May discusses her role, and her power, as the only sitting member of the Green Party in Canada’s House of Commons.

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