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Jean Weiner, Haiti (04:09)


Poverty, natural disasters, hunger, disease, and pollution plague Haiti. Weiner revives depleted marine life by restoring coral reefs and planting mangrove trees to combat deforestation and coastal degradation. He secured two protected marine areas.

Myint Zaw, Myanmar (04:07)

To circumvent government censorship, Zaw launched a series of art exhibits to spread awareness of the Myitsone Dam; it would flood the Kachin cultural heartland and displace 18,000 people. Myanmar's president halted construction.

Berta Cáceres, Honduras (04:08)

Cáceres rallied the indigenous Lenca people to wage a grassroots protest that pressured the government and their corporate ally to withdraw from building the Agua Zarca Dam on the Rio Blanco. They risked death to maintain a road block for over one year.

Phyllis Omido, Kenya (04:08)

Omido learned that lead emissions from her employer's smelting factory were causing illness and death in the nearby community. She compiled health records for the government, temporarily shutting the factory. After arrest, her group succeeded in permanently closing the operation.

Marilyn Baptiste, Canada (04:05)

Baptiste led her First Nations community in defeating proposed gold mines that would have destroyed Fish Lake—a source of spiritual identity and livelihood for her people. When the mining company persisted, she formed a roadblock.

Howard Wood, Scotland (02:28)

Over years, Wood observed decreasing biodiversity off Arran. He established Scotland’s first community-developed Marine Protected Area to restore the marine ecosystem and put an end to destructive scallop dredging. Robert Redford concludes the program.

Credits: From Myanmar to Scotland (00:53)

Credits: From Myanmar to Scotland

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From Myanmar to Scotland

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The New Environmentalists share a common goal, safeguarding the Earth’s natural resources from exploitation and pollution. The program features portraits of six passionate and dedicated activists around the globe who have placed themselves in harm’s way to battle intimidating adversaries for environmental justice in their communities. Narrated by Robert Redford, The New Environmentalists illustrates how ordinary people are effecting extraordinary change. This episode profiles community leaders restoring coral reefs and mangroves in Haiti, using art to halt dam construction in Myanmar, organizing a grassroots movement against a dam in Honduras, shutting down a toxic smelting factory in Kenya, stopping a proposed mine on indigenous land in Canada, and establishing the first community-developed marine protected area in Scotland.

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