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Understanding Adolescent Development (03:48)


Adolescents are in a turbulent time because of physical, mental, and emotional changes. Often the brain is behind in managing the changes that are occurring.

Stages of Adolescent Development (02:36)

Teachers should be aware of early, middle, and late adolescent development stages. During middle adolescence, neurological development gives students greater self-control. In late adolescence, teens feel the pressure of increasing independence.

Basic Counseling Skills for Teachers (05:05)

Students typically talk with teachers about many things such as friends, schoolwork, and other teachers. A teacher may be the person a student trusts most. Teachers must be active listeners and be wary of giving students personal information.

Counseling Process for Teachers (02:09)

Teachers should be aware when their teaching relationship may be changing into a counseling one with a student. Teachers may not be able to offer strict confidentiality.

Counseling Guidelines (03:54)

Sometimes a helping role between a teacher and a student begins casually. Any ambiguity should be clarified. Teachers should tell a senior staff member about any helping role they might be playing. Many issues need further help.

Teacher Counselors: When to Refer Students to Others (05:14)

Warning signs of disturbed youth include decline in work quality, work not handed in, unexplained absences, anger, sadness, and self harm. They may engage in risk-taking behavior. School policies should contain appropriate counseling protocols.

Suicide Awareness and Prevention (02:46)

Warning signs of students at risk for suicide include frequent references to death, admiration of someone who has suicided, researching suicide information on the Internet, and mood changes.

Proactive Strategies to Prevent Suicide (03:26)

Often, friends of students who are thinking about suicide are the first to notice warning signs. Suicidal students need immediate help. Schools can promote an atmosphere in which students look after each other.

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Using a sensitive, real-world approach, this program assists teachers in understanding the process of counseling in high schools. It begins with a definition of counseling and goes on to explain the counseling process followed by a look at the variety of skills a counselor needs in order to work effectively with a young person. The program is also designed to assist teachers in understanding the process of adolescence itself and the developmental tasks that a young person will inevitably need to negotiate his or her high school years. Issues related to suicide prevention and mental health are discussed. Produced and set in Australia. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (30 minutes)

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