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Bolivia's Indigenous People (03:14)


Bolivia's President Evo Morales comes from the country's indigenous population. He promises to elevate the country's poor, who have been victimized by exploiters of Bolivia's resources.

Working Conditions in Bolivia's Mines (03:41)

Today, Bolivia's silver miners suffer nearly the same bad working conditions as they did under the Spanish rulers. Workers chew on coca leaves to suppress their appetites and boost energy levels.

Bolivia vs. Global Economic Policies (03:53)

Bolivian women and children work outside the mines. Some women handpick materials that are not collected. The poor blame global economic policies for their impoverishment.

Neoliberalism vs. Bolivia's Restoration (03:11)

President Evo Morales tells the World Bank and the IMF that neoliberalism does not benefit the people of Bolivia. His goals are to restore the country's natural resources and to liberate his people.

Lung Disease and Bolivian Miners (03:04)

Lung disease shortens the lives of Bolivian miners. They cannot leave the mines because they have nowhere to go. The country must control itself to improve conditions and create options for the poor.

Industrial Growth for Bolivia (04:32)

Evo Morales aims to add more industry such as smelters and methods of converting ore into metals and finished products. Bolivia must negotiate as equals with well-established world powers.

Restoration of Bolivia (02:20)

The religious beliefs of Indigenous Bolivians are part Catholic and part indigenous. They honor Pachamama, the earth mother that protects them. The people want to repair the damage of 500 years.

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Bolivia: Partners, Not Masters

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Swept to power in 2006 on a wave of social unrest, Bolivian President Evo Morales has vowed to shift the balance of power in favor of his poorest constituents. This program examines the wealth generated from Bolivia’s natural resources—precious metals in particular—and highlights Morales’s efforts to redirect revenues away from what he sees as neoliberal interests. Noting Morales’s indigenous heritage, the film explores the meanings behind his motto “Partners not Masters” and his views on the influence of multinational corporations. It also reveals an ongoing struggle for equality among laborers at the Potosí silver mine, where male workers often die young—leaving widows and children to subsist in refuse. (Portions in Spanish with English subtitles, 25 minutes)

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