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Angola: Impoverished People/Rich Oil Resources (02:14)


Western powers since the days of colonialism have been quick to take Angola's resources. Today, Angola's oil is the target of exploitation by multinational corporations.

Angolan Civil War (03:51)

The war featured conflict between two primary Angolan factions, the Communist MPLA and the anti-Communist UNITA. The Angolan Civil War was one of the largest, longest and most prominent armed conflicts of the Cold War

Angola's Elite: Sole Beneficiaries of Angola's Wealth (03:18)

One hundred families in Angola are the sole beneficiaries of Angola's enormous wealth. Most Angolans suffer from the same deprivations as in wartime.

Oil Companies and Angola's Government: Distribution of Wealth (03:10)

Angola's oil industry generates billions of dollars, but a portion of disappears. Angola legislates that all financial transactions are state secrets. Oil companies make secret deals with the government.

Inequalities in Angolan Society (02:27)

Angola is rich with oil, yet there is a shortage of petrol available for Angolans. Young journalists receive training in civil rights and promotion of democracy. Rights activists build solidarity and collect funds.

Angola Government and Collaboration with China (02:54)

Angola's government allows China to engage in urban development projects. Chinese workers live, eat, and work in protected compounds. Angolans are not hired to work on the projects. China is Angola's largest oil customer.

Angola: Nation of Beggars (04:00)

Angola's land mine injuries are among the highest in the world. The government abandons its war veterans and victims, forcing them to beg.

Angola: Wealth and Poverty (02:00)

Its wealth siphoned off, Angola is a nation of impoverished, starving, uneducated people who receive no benefits from the country's oil and diamond riches. Relief is not in sight.

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Angola: The Curse of Oil

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Poverty in Africa reminds us that abundant natural resources don’t automatically translate into widespread economic wealth. This program brings home the disturbing reality of daily life in Angola—marked by ramshackle houses, open sewers, and a question that grows louder every day: who benefits from the country’s vast oil resources? Outlining the nation’s colonial and Cold War traumas, the film examines the civil war between MPLA and UNITA forces and the present-day mismanagement of oil revenues stemming from that conflict. Related topics include China’s growing role in the country, the tragedy of child hunger and malnutrition, and Angola’s widespread problem of land mine injuries. (Portions in other languages with English subtitles, 25 minutes)

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