Segments in this Video

Photography in Iran (03:57)


Iranian photography has a unique vision. Gallery owner Anahita Ghabaian explains how photographers work around censorship laws. Creativity develops within the narrow restrictions.

Documentary Photography (03:36)

Newsha Tavakolian discusses working as a photojournalist for seven years. Many of the newspapers she has worked for are banned and co-workers were arrested.

Staged Photography (05:24)

Shadi Ghadirian uses this art form, which allows for more work opportunities in Iran. Her work is some of the first to show an artistic image of Iran separated from violence. She adds modern elements to historical Iranian photography.

Creativity from Censorship (04:10)

Tavakolian creates her "Listen" series after she is banned from being on the street with a camera. She photographs female Iranian singers who have also been stopped from pursuing their dreams.

Meaning in Photography (07:09)

Tahmineh Monzavi explores femininity for Iranian women. She discusses her series in the wedding district of Tehran, where all the workers are men. The nature of Iranian society causes photographers to dig deeper to find meaning.

Masculinity in Photography (04:24)

Abbas Kowsari explores masculinity in Iranian culture by photographing athletes and men at public bath houses. He explains how Iranian society represses men and women.

Taboos in Photography (07:00)

Monzavi did a series on female drug addicts living at a shelter in southern Tehran. She wanted to capture a dark side of Iranian society that exists in all societies. There are further censorship laws for exhibiting topics the regime opposes.

Changes Through Photography (03:54)

Tavakolian was working on her "Look" series during the last days of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's presidency. She wanted to capture the feelings of young Iranians toward the country's changes.

Preservation Through Photography (06:10)

After spending a month in prison, Monzavi used staged photography to capture ruins. Solmaz Daryani photographs Lake Urmia. Her family lives and works on the lake, but the water is disappearing.

Women in Photography (06:24)

Daryani worries about traveling alone as a woman in Iran. Tavakolian says her camera gives her freedom she cannot find elsewhere. The popularity of art and photography is growing among young Iranians.

Credits: Focus Iran - A Daring Vision (01:07)

Credits: Focus Iran - A Daring Vision

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In this Islamic Republic,a creative and daring young photographic scene is committed to giving its country a new image to the world. The film presents us with a unique artistic scene in the world – always using humor and metaphor in their work to bypass censorship. This movie sheds a new light on Iran, a complex country torn between tradition and modernity – a country in which these photographers have chosen to stay, out of passion and pride, despite the difficulties to work tand live here. The photographers Solmaz Daryani, Gohar Dashti, Shadi Ghadirian, Abbas Kowsari, Tahmineh Monzavi, and Newsha Tavakolian, will be the main actors of the film. Anahita Ghabaian, one of the most famoust photogallerist of Iran, will be kind of a thread of the film. We follow the photographers on their shootings, in their studios and on different locations. The film will be articulated around their narrative and personal analysis of their ventures, giving us a new insight of this country and its history Focus Iran is a journey from Teheran to Quashan, and up to Lake Urmia, far northwest from Iran, close from the Azerbaidjan frontier.

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