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How Much Money Do You Make? (05:40)


Randy and Jason Sklar ask New Yorkers how much they earn from their jobs. The Sklars meet with David Chichura, a brewmaster who makes about the average salary of an American male, $47,700 per year. They learn about different jobs in the brewery.

Salary Stats (01:23)

The average American male earns more than the average American female. Surgeons earn the most and fast food cooks earn the least. After adjusting for inflation, wages have stagnated over the last 40 years.

Can We Really Get Rich Quick? (06:56)

The Sklars are outside of Black Hawk, Colorado. Jason visits a goldmine to learn how much work is needed to make significant money. Randy gambles at a casino and gets some tips from an expert; the house advantage is lower for games of skill.

Odds of Getting Rich Quick (03:18)

Jason earned less than $50 working in a goldmine. Randy leaves the casino having lost $100. You are seven times more likely to be struck by lightning than win the lottery.

What Do We Do With Our Hard Earned Cash? (05:54)

The Sklars visit a tattoo parlor to learn how much tattoos cost and how that compares to what people spend on other things like housing and cosmetics. Americans have more disposable income than ever before; most of it is spent on electronics.

How Can We Make Millions? (02:41)

Many things once considered luxury items are now necessities. The Sklars meet with Steve Maxwell, a self-made millionaire and financial guru. He uses a pie to illustrate how much people should save and what they do save.

Spending Experiment and Results (06:19)

Jason and Randy are on a mission to make one small purchase and one big purchase—a meal and a bike. Maxwell has given Jason three tips that he did not give Randy—have a plan, use cash, and negotiate. Because Randy used a credit card, he will end up paying double for the bike if he only makes minimum payments.

How Can We Live Large? (07:47)

Jason and Randy visit Starkey International, a company that trains employees to serve wealthy employers. There are 32 times more billionaires now than thirty years ago. Randy sets a table and Jason cooks a fancy meal.

Can Money Buy Happiness? (01:25)

Jason and Randy reflect on the time they spent with people who serve the super wealthy. Statistics show that people are most happy when they earn $75,000 per year. (Credits)

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Would you believe that today the average American Male makes four times what we made a hundred years ago? It's true. And yet we'd swear that money has never been tighter.

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